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Metalboy Series

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Woodstock Metalboy - guitars crafted for enthusiasts of powerful Metal sound, heavy riffs, and lightning-fast solos. 

Metalboy guitars feature active pickups that deliver crisp and aggressive tones on Hi-Gain settings, while also providing rich and immersive sound on the clean channel of the amplifier.

With sleek lines and a rugged appearance, Metalboy guitars appeal to metal guitarists who appreciate a bold and minimalist design, often accented with black detailing.


The reversed neck headstock and extended tailpiece with adjustable saddles allow for longer bass string length, accommodating thicker gauge strings and facilitating very low tunings.

String-through-body construction ensures optimal string vibration transfer to the body, enhancing sustain and dynamics, and offering reliable tuning stability during intense performances.

Featuring a slim, fast neck profile and a multi-radius fretboard with 24 high frets, Metalboy guitars provide improved access to the upper frets, enabling seamless navigation across the entire fretboard range.

Explore the Metalboy series today and unleash the power of metal with these remarkable guitars!

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