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Rockboy Series

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RockBoy guitars represent the pinnacle of no-nonsense utilitarianism, meticulously crafted by Woodstock engineers in collaboration with some of Ukraine's most esteemed rock guitarists. These instruments are engineered for ultimate performance, where nothing stands between you and your music. With straightforward and intuitive controls, RockBoy guitars are a joy to wield on stage.

The string-thru-body construction not only enhances sustain and dynamics but also ensures superior tuning stability, even during the wildest bends and most aggressive playing. Equipped with overwound hot pickups, these guitars drive you into the realm of ultra-gain tones, pushing boundaries unimaginable with more traditional humbuckers.

Positioned strategically for seamless switching, the three-position switch allows for quick pickup changes without interrupting your performance. Plus, the matte coating eliminates glares, ensuring picture-perfect stage photos every time.

Explore the RockBoy series today and experience the following advantages:

1. Uncompromising durability and reliability for stage performances.

2. Enhanced sustain and dynamics for expressive playing.

3. Versatile tone options, from classic rock to ultra-gain.

4. Effortless pickup switching for seamless transitions during performances.

5. Stylish matte finish for a sleek and professional look on stage.

Unlock your full potential with RockBoy guitars – your ultimate tool for rock greatness.

Shred Like Never Before!

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